In all the right places

Established in 1970, Climatron has evolved to provide a high level of professionalism, allied to ever increasing standards of engineering. Our blend of workforce from various fields in the building services industry enables the company to provide a wide range of services to any client.


A personal touch ensures high quality

Our increasing portfolio of clients have come to rely on the personal touch every project is given, which creates a team capable of ensuring high standards of quality, completion on time, to a budget and in a safe manner. We specialise in the design and installation of all air conditioning systems from single split systems in a domestic capacity, through to server farm data centres utilising close control systems and main chiller installations serving complete office buildings.


For cost effective design solutions

Full use is made of today’s technology for design, estimating, cost accounting and communication, to deliver a quick and professional response to all of our client enquiries, big or small. The company is well versed in the progressive development of building management systems for cost effective design solutions enabling economies to be passed on to our clients. To evolve and maintain teams of highly skilled engineers, Climatron actively train all personnel in matters of engineering skills and health and safety training.

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